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SPECIAL APP™ Document Security Paper
8-1/2" x 11" sheets

Special App Paper

Appleton's DocuCheck® Impede® Secure Base Stock
with Built-In Security Features:

  • Invisible Fibers - Prevent Duplication of Paper Stock
  • Primary Indicator Stains - Provide evidence of attempted alteration by washing or bleaching
  • TonerFuse® II - Reveals attempted tape-lifting or scraping
Featuring the following SecureGuard Tamper Resistant Features:

    Words "VOID" appear when photocopied on most copiers

    Distinctive Blue Security Background provides ink "ERASURE" Protection
  • Hidden Message Technology™
    Words "VOID" appear on copy when document is photocopied

SPECIAL APP™ SECURITY PAPER is manufactured using one of the best and newest latent repetitive void pantograph patents.
Chemical void protection - Chemical Reactivity in the paper to prevent Chemical Washing.
Chemical Sensitivity to High Polarity Solvents ~ Low Polarity Solvents ~ Oxidants ~ Acids ~ Alkalis

chemical reactivity

Item #RC100
SPECIAL APP™ Security Paper
60# offset (90 gsm)

To Order SPECIAL APP™ Security Paper:
Special App Security Paper

500 sheets per package
$ 95.00 per package
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Special App Security Paper

1,000 sheets per package
$165.00 per carton
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Special App Security Paper

2,000 sheets per package
$272.00 per carton
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Special App™ Security Paper
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Taking the guesswork out of Document Security™

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