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Secure Transcript Paper
Exclusively for the Trade and University Print Shops

Verifiable State Re-Sale License Is Required to order from this web site.

The use of Transcript Paper is limited to those who are authorized by Educational Institutions to print their Official Transcript Forms. Documentation will be required upon request.

Acceptance of any and all orders for REACT ™Transcript Paper Products is at the discretion of the Micro Format Document Security Compliance Team.

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REACT™Transcript Paper

REACT TRANSCRIPT Paper contains security features that make it impossible to accurately duplicate an original
while allowing for UNOFFICIAL COPIES to be made.

Transcript Paper for the trade
8-1/2" x 11"
24# Bond (90gsm ) - Check Weight

2,500 sheets per carton
Border bleeds 4 sides

REACT™Transcript Paper Security Features:
Item# SG5810
REACT™Transcript Paper
has numerous document security and authentication features.
  • SECURE RUB™ Color Change Ink
    Blue CHECKMARK and Blue Border change color when rubbed or warmed
    REACT Secure Transcript Paper

    Color Chnage ink security

  • Anti-Copy Coin RubTM
    Rub coin on back of sheet to reveal Anti-Copy Coin Rub™ security watermark

    Coin Rub Security

  • Hidden "REACT" seal on back will fluoresce under black light

    Blacklight Security

  • To view Anti-Copy Watermark™, hold sheet at 45° angle or under black light

  • The words "COPY" appear on photocopy.

    Hidden Message Security

  • Borders contain Security Feature Warning Bands
    Security Warening Band

    Security Warening Band

    Security Warening Band

For additional information and to purchase, call 866/561-5511

Protect the integrity of this paper.
It is the responsibility of the commercial printer purchasing this paper to insure that it is only used to print transcripts for authorized clients.

When it comes to adding Security Features to Transcript Paper, We are Document Security Feature Specialists ...
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For additional information and to purchase, call 866/561-5511

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